Did you say GO-RI-LLA?

In the past, I've voiced the opinion that FMA: Brotherhood was inferior to the first anime because of it's poor animation quality. But I now officially TAKE IT BACK. I was judging the show only by the first few episodes, but once it got into the swing of things the show looks pretty consistently amazing. I've been enjoying it thoroughly! Speaking of . . .

When I do finally make it to the end, expect a large post on gorilla-man Darius . . . *slobber drools*


  1. you keep watching those efforts it would never be a waste of time watching that anime.

  2. I thought Brotherhood's animation was actually pretty good. The first FMA had beautifully choreographed scenes... once every 10 episodes where there was actually some plot. Brotherhood has much less filler, but unfortunately ends up being a little too circuitous.

    I also *hate* the way Brotherhood ends. Endings are just not satisfying in the FMA universe. :|

  3. I haven't been watching Brotherhood. I watched the original enjoyed it but then got hooked onto the manga (it's amazing) I know Brotherhood takes more from the manga but I haven't found out if it follows the official ending - either way I probably wont watch it.

    That being said: Darius (Donkey Kong) and Heinkel (Lion King) are both extremely good looking.

  4. A friend and I have been watching Brotherhood... I keep catching myself ALMOST elaborating about why I want more scenes with Breda.

    I was hoping that Brotherhood's popularity would increase the amount of Breda fanart around, but I haven't found much new stuff : (

  5. don't forget heinkel, he can become a lion

  6. Gorilla furries are pretty fucking hot