Summer Memories~

Lately it's been sooooo hot.

Summer, summer, summer
Slowly turned into fall
Me and my baby doll
Never went to the beach

Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere
Was a place we could run
On the sand with the sun
Always just out of reach

Somewhere sunny summer's
Marching to a different drummer, singing
"Summer, summer, summer's
Gonna turn into fall
You and your baby doll
Better go to the beach 'cause~


  1. damn...
    And to think Montana is cold as the 9th circle of hell all year round so I can't see the real life versions TT^TT

  2. Why dont you guys move in to Puerto Rico? Then talk about heat.

  3. Where did you get/where is the surf rescue pics?

  4. We need a Song Like "California Girls" (by Katy Perry)adapted to Bara Guys ^o^

  5. Hey, you should watch Macademi Wasshoi, after episode 4, there some bara in the rest of the series ;)

  6. Crap, I have the artist who did Surf Rescue guy bookmarked on Pixiv, but I can't remember his page off the top of my head. dsfargeg


    Ronaldo - pfft. It was only 40 degrees where I live (New Jersey).

    40 degrees Celsius. (I'm not joking. I checked my phone at work - where I live, it apparently hit 107 degrees.)

    Leon - actually, I think there is a gay version of California Gurls. Not quite what you were looking for (and I am not filking it for bara fandom's means because while I love you guys, I dislike Katy Perry more), but it's a good place to start.

  7. Man you guys. The Magnetic Fields should be gay enough for *anybody*.

  8. In Europe, it's been hot too, but it's getting colder for ... something like 3 days.

  9. What a crazy weather but I want to know from where are the surf rescue pics, please :D

  10. Anon asking about Surf Rescue dude:


    You're welcome.

    Also enjoy fapping to Snake's ass. (As...uh...most of us do. His badonkadonk is rather spectacular, yes.)

  11. thanks, but how can I access, does the artist has another page? well anyway, I'm glad there's a place to search, by the way I'm shyguts.

  12. This inspires me to request that you do a speedo sunday for the rest of the summer :D

  13. pic 16 guy on right..whats his name and where`d you get it?

  14. pic 16 guy on right..whats his name and where`d you get it?

  15. i mean pic 17 not16. mybad