Dragon Age

Yeah whatever, another game post. I can play more than one at a time, you know!

Dragon Age is one of those dark fantasy epic games from Bioware, kinda like A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin except with slightly less incest.

Anyway, like many, I quickly fell under the charming thrall of Alistair, your party's resident tank/templar/hunk with a heart of gold. He was sweet, and cute, and funny, and vulnerable, and had a nice voice, and styled his hair like no one in the middle ages ever would, and, well! The rest was history.

He's even romanceable! . . . if you play a girl.

. . . or unless you're playing the PC version and use one of the commonly available mods to make the game think you're playing a girl.

But woe be to me, my computer can barely emulate SNES these days, much less one of these modern monstrosities. I was playing it on PS3!

Still, I had the usual fun. Making him walk around half-naked with me through towns, going through cut-scenes with him only in that skimpy loincloth. Oh, the adventures we had together.

Ah, those loincloths. Good times, good times.

Even dwarves wear them!

Never mind the fact that the whole game I wanted to POUNCE ON HIS DUMB, SMARMY, MEDIEVAL JOCK FACE AND FORCE SMOOCHES ON HIM.

But it's not my fault! Alistair made me want to! His dialogue is so sexually ambiguous sometimes. He's a big tease.

And don't even tell me his relationship with Duncan didn't throw off anyone's May/December gaydar.

You gotta hand it to Bioware though, they at least gave you one gay option if you desired. Too bad it was with Zevran. Seriously . . . the only male party member I wasn't attracted to. But--it's the thought that counts!

Actually, I probably liked Sten best now that I think of it.

Something about his Qunari stoicism just did it for me. Murr.

Of course Sten isn't romanceable no matter WHAT gender your character is. x0

It's too bad, really.

I can see him and Alistair getting along swimmingly.

Speaking of wet Alistair . . .


Oh, and the new screens for Dragon Age 2 are coming out now. I know it's just the generic build, but new main character Hawke is looking mighty fine as well . . .

Dragon Age.


  1. You could also romance another dude without the mods. It's on the human campaign, right before people start dying.

    after talking to your mother, she introduces you to 3 people, 2 females and 1 male(he's a blond dude). Don't go the direction of your brother, instead go to the library and talk to the blond dude and talk until he agrees to meet you in your room. :D

  2. Enchantment ?
    Enchantment !

  3. haha, yeah, Zevran was such a disappointment. it seems like he was more attractive to girls than to any guy.

  4. They do have nude mods for the male characters. If you come a cross any you should post them. I wish Alistair was able to be romanced by a male character. He is hot, endearing and a smart ass rolled into one cute package.

  5. Thanx for these fantastic hot pics! Alistair was definitively The hot guy of Dragon Age! I can't wait until the 2nd D.A! :)

  6. I wanted some Ogrhen stuff to happen in the game but it never did! Also the male prostitutes had some nice bodies down at the Pearl!

  7. That last comic strip is too cute. Alistair!!! *mwah*

  8. Did you get the convo where he admits to being a virgin? You can pretty much talk about how much of a stud you are and he's just so adorably innocent like:

    "O...I figured you were a virgin too. *blush*"