Towels are good for drying off with. This is a well known fact.

But did you also know . . .

They're great just for casual wear around the house?

Around friends?

With friends?

In the bathroom?

In the backyard?

At the beach?

Come in a variety of different colors?

Sports celebrities wear them.

They're also great for laying on.

And of course, an easy way to cover up.

Gotta preserve that modesty!

Still, oh, the tantalizing views they offer . . .

Of course, you still gotta be careful.

They're always threatening to slip down.

Or come loose.

Or just get tugged off by something.

Or someone!

Yes, the Hitchhiker's Guide was right. There are many uses for a simple towel!

And conversely, there are no wrong ways. Please, experiment freely!



  1. The first image's butt looks really, really......O_o

  2. Seriously Croup, I wish you could have seen me as I ran my head into my computer screen as I tried desperately to get to that butt in the first pic of this post! XD

  3. .... towels... <3

  4. That 'trace the towel's taunting tail-tale' truely tops the twink-teasing-table!

  5. Yaye towels!

    I have to say, though, posting a link to tvtropes was a terrible thing to do.