BaraNoNioi (visual novel/scanlation group)

Spawned from the forums, a new translating group for bara is forming! They call themselves BaraNoNioi, and the exciting thing about them is their emphasis on visual novels. That means games that we've so far only dreamed of playing in English, such as Garden of Camma, Umisen Yamasen, Loops, Honey Comb Bingo, and Hunks Workshop (to name a few!)

Currently they are still taking stock of the resources they need to Get Serious with this, and so are in the midst of a recruitment drive! Translators (either Japanese or Chinese), hackers, editors, and possessors of various physical game discs are all needed. If you, yes, YOU, have any experience at all in any of those fields and wish to help, PLEASE contact them at their website. Even if you just wish to offer your support in a moral capacity. Don't leave messages here, leave them there!

I really want to play bara games on my computer guys. T_T


  1. I want to MAKE a Bara VN

    But alas...I am too dumb =(

  2. That's great! Plus they're working on Hunks Workshop! I'm really happy! I played to this game and got almost all GCs but I didn't understand all the story because it's in japanese... I just could imagine what it was happening.