Kochikame: Hidden Weapons

So in another Kochikame special, the gang finds out Saigo's packing heat once again and they freak out.

They gotta divest him of all that weaponry!

And much like last time, they do so by stripping him to his underclothes.

. . . but this time in a public restaurant.

Eh? But what's this?

A bulge that size! They neglected to check it!

Only one thing to do then . . . *groooope*

You never know what a man might be packing down here.

For all Ryotsu knows, he might have a massive thing ready to blow at a moment's notice.

Cocked and loaded!

(okay I'll stop. xD)

Looks like Saigo checked out.

"Yep! Nothing but a big honkin' dick!"

He's clean. u_u


  1. waow this anime is full of sexual content ^^ !!

  2. OH MAN! that's it! I've gotta watch this anime now. anyone know where to get some of these episodes?

  3. that episode was this?

  4. pls! wich episode is this? :3

  5. souuuuuuuuuupgoblin! can you put these episodes up for download, PLEASE? I will love you forever if you, I've been wanting to watch this anime, but every place I find has dead links... please? <3

  6. You should do an Avatar: The Last Air Bender post; their are a lot of bara men in it!
    I especially recommend you looking into someone named 'The Boulder' in the series, really hunky! E:

  7. please! what episode is this?