Blog Spotlight: Turquine

Turquine, a blog dedicated to the masculinity of corporal punishment.

It features artwork mostly generated on the computer with programs such as Poser (though the artist has posted work in other mediums as well) . . .

. . . and showcasing the spanking and discipline of male buttocks . . .

 . . . through a wide variety of scenarios . . .

. . . both fantastic and mundane.
Stories often accompany the artwork, and some are even presented as comics.

What is just as interesting, if not moreso, than the artwork is the artist's thoughts regarding corporal punishment between males. This blog is a must for any fan of man-to-man spanking, and deserves far more comments and followers than it's currently receiving. ;]


  1. Personally, I think Turquine is by far the most thoughtful blogger on man-to-man spanking currently active, and should be read for that even if he didn't keep providing high quality free art.

  2. Hey Croup, have you seen episode 3 of The iDOLM@STER? it doesn't show anything suggestive, but it's fun to watch a girl so scared of being in a village FULL OF BARA MEN!!!! :P

  3. soupgoblin is starting to get lame...

  4. I agree with ^
    What ever happened to Furry Fridays and such?
    C'mon Soupgoblin!

    1. The whole point of this blog is to have variety so I don't get bored doing it. In short, I post whatever the hell I want without a set schedule.

      Furry Fridays do not happen every Friday.