Bath Time With Goku (3)

Yep, one last bath for the goofy hunk! Here he is from sometime at the end of the Buu Saga, splashing around with his son Goten, and his son's friend, Trunks.

Heeheehee cute.

But then the boys get it in them to use Fusion and teach the big man who's the real master of dunking . . .
Bright light argh!
Oh, Toriyama's character design. Even his kids are super-muscled.
Revenge time!
But then . . .
Super Saiyan Goku, flaunting his mad water skillz. (er, but he kind of blew up the bath)

"If I were you guys, I'd stay fused together so Chi-Chi can only spank you once!" he says, to the embarrassment and merriment of all. Yes, he actually says this in the dub.
WTF Goku. YOU are the one who blew up the bath. YOU should be getting the spanking. Somebody retcon this scene.


  1. I love that Goku doesn't lose an opportunity to show what God gave him and would be a lot better if he could show his pubic hair well this scene is the best thanks

  2. EWW!!! I always shave my penis hair! Hairy privates are ugly! I want to see that little penis on gotenks in those few scenes where he is sitting in shock of Goku's super saiyan penis! HAH! HAH! HAH!

  3. Bald penis, I mean.