To Trick a Demon . . .

Here's a secret about me. I love adapting hot gay sex-manga into English.

Such as this one!

Seriously, any of my readers know Japanese? Lemme know. We can scanlate some sexiful manga together.


  1. Awww, no bara.

    Too bad for me that I find little boys so unattractive.

  2. I'd call the demon bara. The summoner makes me think of Ed Elric. Very hot Croup, hopefully you'll find more Japanese helpers to get more of these done.

  3. Also, we can have CAPS in our names finally. Cool.

  4. I love the translation (and this Hibakichi story in particular), but why did you use a censored, smaller version? There are raws for this from Beef Jam that are uncensored and higher quality.

  5. Shizzle, for reals Demonfruit? These were the only scans I knew about, and let me tell you. They were a bitch to clean up.

    If you could rapidshare the uncensored version for me, maybe I can switch it over?

  6. funny story - thanks for thast trunslation :)