Weigh In

From chapter 425 of the Hajime no Ippo manga . . .

Thanks to a knowledgeable anonymous commenter for calling my attention to these pages! More will follow soon featuring my favorite character, Takemura.


  1. *Hard*

    Also, only 126 lbs? With all that muscle?

  2. Teehee!

    Ah, Shimabukuro is wonderful.

    Takamura and Date Eiji are the best though. I loved it when they were rough with one another while doing fight commentary/announcement. I hope one day to either find or create some Date x Takamura naughty bits. Muahahaha!

  3. Oh, yes, Shimabukuro is extremely short. Much shorter than Ippo who is already considered shorter than average.

    Then, they go through extreme weight management by fasting and dehydrating themselves. Ippo doesn't do weight management though because he is naturally in featherweight class but if I recall correctly, Shimabukuro does.

    I don't know if it's actually realistic to look that way but be that weight, but I guess it's exaggerated for effect.

  4. Still, he's bigger than Takamura it seems and 30 lbs less

  5. I cannot state how surprising is that as in my country we use kilogram scale.

  6. Yeah, I kinda did a double-take on that too, Chamill.

  7. I think the manga might have also used a different scale, but the translators switched it for parts of the manga.

    I might be remembering wrong though.