Macross Plus beefcake

So remember a while back how I was complaining about the lack of bara fanservice in Macross? Well, here's one brief scene I had completely forgotten about, featuring Guld from Macross Plus. Which is odd, since Plus is my favorite of the various Macross series, so you'd think I'd have remembered it sooner!

We see the big pilot half-naked in the locker-room after a day of rigorous flight testing. Notice the green hair, general beefiness, and total lack of tan. A true Zentron male! Well, half Zentron. Whatever.

Later we get some more shirtless action when Myung tends to his wounds . . .

Next question we have to ask ourselves is, why are the only bara guys in Macross the aliens?


  1. MahoutsukainoKontonDecember 5, 2008 at 12:34 AM

    I think the reason is that earth guys just don't have it in them, in that universe anyways. But is Macross any good?

  2. I was a big fan of Macross plus too! Yoko Kano's job on the songs and music of this short saga was fantastic and the non stop action and fantastic chara-design help a lot too. And I found the 2 main guys of that saga -the zentradi and the human one too- are fuckin' hot (lol) but in 2 different ways. The human (sorry I forget his name :-[ ) was more like a teen ager I find... Whatever,thanx for these pics! :-)

  3. @ Batsu: Heh, yeah, you pretty much outlined the reasons I like Plus the best. The music is gorgeous, and no other show has ever come close to topping the dogfights in it for me. I also really liked how well is subverted the themes from the original series. Ahh, the memories.

    The characters and relationships in general were "darker", and I always love some good angst to wash down my missile swarms with.

    @ MahoutsukainoKonton: Hahah, you're asking a giant Macross fanboy, so you'll be getting a biased answer here. But yeah, Macross is quite good IMHO, and worth a watch. As long as you like INTENSE MECHA ACTION, melodramatic love triangles, and the power of song to trump war, you'll be all set!

    I recommend starting out with the movie Macross: Do You Remember Love? It's an excellent recap of the original series, and allows you to get started on the less dated shows quicker. Plus, it's one of the most lushly animated films ever drawn.