Wakka (4)

Makes me wish I could be a fly on the wall while he's undressing at the lockers.

Or be there to "help him out" when he needs to relieve some pressure.

Wakka would return the favor, too. He's not the type to shy away from a good blowjob.

Or a threesome. (mmm, Wakka manwich)

Or a fullblown orgy.


  1. Heh, which side of the manwhich would you rather be on. Top of bottom?

  2. Hmmm, probably the bottom third. I can just imagine Wakka squatting himself down on me. >]

  3. Ha, I knew I was right when I pictured you as a dominant guy!

  4. lol, not really. But in that position having a big hunk sit on me is more appealing than the other way around.

    Maybe it's also because Wakka strikes me as a more bottom kinda guy.