Rub a Dub Dub


  1. This pic made Monday not so bad. I'm trying to picture what the story is in our demented world...

    1) They're all trying to cool their butts off after paddling...

    2) They've been robbed of clothes for the day, so they sought refuge from their public nudity..

    3) (and this one's really pervy)..They fooled around at practice too much...so the coach innocently suggested they go for a soak...but he insisted they wear these small gel like items in their butts (no bigger than a pinky)...which he tells the dumb jocks is some sort of massage suppository. They jocks don't like it....but the coach says it's wear em or it's off the team. So the dudes, with much laughing and ragging on each other, insert the gel sticks in their big jock butts and go for a dip. To their horror...guess what expands on contact with water? D'oh! And guess who refuses to pop the gel inflatable butt plugs until the same time next day? Coach Jay. There's a lot of waddling and pleading going on.. :)

  2. If there was only just à tiny rest of what we call a room inside............

  3. I think there's still room in there for one more, Fabrice. ;D

    And Jay . . . comments like those are the reason you're the star commentator! All three reasons are hot, but the third one takes the cake. If you were a real coach, you'd have too much fun torturing your teams. ;]

  4. And I'd have so much fun being one of the teammates... *daydreaming*