Another of my all-time favorite bara artists! He draws big embarrassed guys so well. x3

Also, I've only just today realized how to upload more than five pictures per post.

. . . I'm slow!


  1. I can remember the time when in Japan the only fact of showing some pubic hair was an offense enough to send you in jail... Crazy japanese ! They've got a great art !!!

  2. Yeah, they're very strict about their pornography over there (which is funny considering how much of it they produce). I believe they're still required to censor the slits of the cock, which explains all those black bars and pixels we're always seeing on Japanese art.

    Fabrice, would you mind if I asked you where you're from?

  3. I'm from France (Normandy) but of Irish-Scottish roots (my grandmother) & Russian (my real father) ! But I'm someone fairly special in some ways & things !!! As you can see I don't mind your asking so...