A Popular Move (part four)

The end . . . for now.


  1. They must have some sort of class in wrestling school called "De-tightsing or De-pantsing".

    I love how you got a triple in there. Three big moons!

    And howabout the last one, with the dudes in the fringe...one of them is bent over like he wasn't expecting to get bared...the other one seems to be too busy yelling at the ref to realize his buttcheeks are showing.

    You and Jockspank have the BEST. BLOGS. EVER.

  2. Glad you approve Jay!

    All the buttshots in wrestling is probably because it's such an easy way for these men to humiliate their opponents--especially when they're wearing practically nothing in the first place! Plus, tell me those big, beefy asses aren't just begging to be exposed. If I was a wrestler, I wouldn't be able to resist yanking some tights down and getting a peek either. ;D