By Request

Star Commenter Jay told me he wanted to see some humiliating spankings. >]

Uploaded by WWELov3r


  1. Ha, all your fetishes in one (well two, but the second one especially) in one video. The ref didn't find it amusing. Seriously, beating someone with a chair is ok, but a spanking is too hardcore. XD

  2. First off, being called a star commentator has made my Monday.

    Secondly, the Kurt Angle clip is awesome.

    Bubblebutt dude doesn't pull up his tights for like 20 min. So he's in a thong all bareass...and then when he gets pushed around and his thonged ass smacked...

    I swear there are some pervy queers like us running the WWE.

    If Triple H would cut that mop (I like dudes with short hair), he would be hot as hell. He's usually the one doing humiliating and inventive things to the other wrestlers. There's one clip of him having his partner shove a defeated wrestler's face into his butt. HOT. :)

    Soup, you rule.

  3. KAFM: You've got it right with the fetish combination. I can't tell you how many times I've enjoyed myself to these vids. ;]

    Goddamn ref, ruining all the fun! Heh.

    Jay: About the "star commentator" . . . just calling it like I see it. I seriously love whenever I see your name pop up in my inbox! ;P

    (KAFM, you too, thanks for commenting so much =D)

    I wouldn't be surprised to hear that gay men are behind some of the more fuckin' HOT things coming out of wrestling. But to hear it from most of the WWE fanboys, pro-wrestling is the straightest sport in the world--nothing faggy about it. Guess I missed the memo that changed the rules on two big, muscled men rubbing and humping all over each other not being gay anymore. ;]

    And I prefer shot-haired guys too, but HHH is still fucking hot. I've seen that slip too. I'll have to post it sometime, but we've had enough wrassling for a while, lol

  4. Swear I sent this, but apparently internet decided to spaz. No problem man, I know you had wished more people to comment, and I figured if I find it hot, why not say something.

    Speaking of gay sports though, you see the hot gay movie with the straight asian baseball player? Though that might be because of my Asian fetish, still hot.