Recently I played through every single King of Fighter's game. Yes, all of them! Well, except for XII, but only because XIII is supposed to improved from it in every way.

Regardless of whether this was a constructive usage of my time or not, this seems like a good time to post some more SNK art!

Everything in this post is official art, whether it's character illustrations, endings, or what-have-you~

Oh, Shingo.

Start with KoFfffff

Falcoon's art is so hardcore. K'


Yamazaki's a shirt rippin' lunatic~


Now that I got through all the Kof compilations, that Samurai Shodown collection is starting to look really nice . . .

. . . REALLY nice.

Other assorted game charas. What is this guy from, World Heroes? Whatev.

The NGPC SNK vs Capcom card battle games are pretty fun, but the newer DS one sucked.

I wish there was a Capcom vs SNK 3.


  1. Now, how come I don't have a slightest idea of who that guy with america flag costume is. I should've remember such patriotic costume.....

  2. I think that's Eagle, of Savage Reign / Kizuna Encounter fame.