Well, it's fucking Valentine's!


Enjoy it, all you sweet couples out there!

"But when I find someone special? When will it be my turn?" I ask myself every year.

And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Ah well. It's only this stupid holiday that does it. Conditioned sentimental bullshit.

It's mostly just envy, I suppose. And I'm happier being single anyway. I'd be truly wretched in a relationship.

It's just that, sometimes . . .


  1. awww omg!! i wish i could hug u :(

  2. This is my first time commenting here, thought you needed a cyber hug *hugz*. Hope you have a happy valentines day and thx for those cute pics <3

  3. Hugs for you!

    Still being singles we can give tons of manly love!

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  5. Cheer up, buttercup. We've all been there. In fact, I've been single on Valentine's WAY more often than not. I just found your site by the way and love it!

  6. You could always choose to celebrate Singles Appreciation/Awareness Day instead, which is on the day before, the day of, or the day after Valentine's day (depending on when you wanna celebrate it... some people don't want it to be on the day of Valentine's day because of the association with all the commercial crap that goes with valentine's day...) It's not made up either. It even has a short little wikipedia page. :P

  7. I would like to know the names of the artists who made these pictures, please ^ - ^

    by the way your blog the cool xD

    and my englesh is very bad u_u