Snoozy Times

ie. what I plan to do all weekend.

There's nothing quite like a hunk getting some shut-eye, huh?

Just something super cute about 'em!

It's the one time their guard is down. Let's you see a different side of them than when they're awake. The way their chests softly rise and fall as they breathe, and dream . . .

It's just nice to watch 'em sleep is all!

The best though is when a bunch of dudes conk out together.

Maybe their hotel room's only got one bed and they gotta share.

But for some reason, during the night . . .

The end up engaging in some sleepy cuddling and spooning action with their buddies.

It's natural! They're just drawn to the closest heat source is all!

But still.

Might be awkward to explain when they wake up . . .

A lot of guys prefer to sleep in the buff.

It's a comfort thing!

Pajamas are just too much work for some fellas.

The main thing to watch out for when dudes're sleeping though, if they have one of those "happy" dreams.

You know the kind I mean.

The results can be startling!

And while it can definitely be tempting, remember the old adage, "Let sleeping bears dogs lie."

Unfortunately, like all good things, a good nap can't last forever. At some point it's time to . . .

Wake up! Dx


  1. where did the last pic came from?

  2. Same place the...second, I think...pic came from. Actually, the exact same series.

    (That is to say, Mentaiko posted those on his Pixiv a few months back. In fact, I think Rudely Awakened Dude may have made an appearance on the Stash before.)

  3. I feel honored to have one of my pics on the Stash *u*

  4. hmmmmmmmm cute guys

  5. Where did you get the first picture?!?!?

  6. The First Picture Looks like Ronnie from Jersey Shore XD

  7. where did second pic came from?
    that curly hair guy is so cute