Leo is the thirty-five year old king of Greedia. In 1999, unknown invaders attacked Greedia and drove Leo out as well as cursing him, transforming him into his current state. The 3 Wise Men tried to remove the curse but couldn't. Now Leo uses the curse as his strength to "repay his debt to his countrymen". (from CapcomWiki)

Leo is from the arcade game Red Earth. If you didn't know that, that's okay! Only about three people in the galaxy have ever played it.

As you can see, he's a lion-headed swordsman who fights in the skimpiest loincloth possible.

Like Guin and King, he kinda combines the best of the furry and bara fandoms into one being!

The game also features this guy, Hydron, as an enemy. (this will be important later)


Pretty much everything about Leo's appearance says "badass" and "really strong", eh?

One warrior you don't want to mess with!

And also . . .

. . . easily made naked. o_o

All it takes is the removal of one little belt!

It's a big problem, but one he's learned to live with.

But poor Leo. Even though he's so strong, for some reason he always seems to lose battles in fanart.

Not very good for a buff warrior like him.

You see . . .

This is the bara fandom.

We like to take advantage of strong, buff warriors around here.

Yes, due to that it seems Leo's fate is to forever be molested in fanworks.

Chained up, gagged and penetrated.

Bound for all the world to see his shame.

Growling and riding his captor's cocks one after the other . . .

Not a very dignified end for a king of his people!

And then there are the countless monsters he's encountered.

Like slime and tentacle creatures.

Too bad even the biggest muscles can't do much against these guys. :0

If anything, they only make him a more appealing target! :X

Yep, fate works against Leo here once again.

That ass isn't getting a break anytime soon. (but it will get broken in, over and over again, kukukuku)

Here's Hydron again! Remember him?

Here he gets reacquainted with Leo's holes.

Good kitty.

The moral of today's post?

If someone offers you the opportunity to become a bara mascot, turn them down!



  1. Just when you thought you weren’t into furry and tentacle porn... boom! And then there’s the boner.

  2. I wish their was something with Leo banging Kenji missionary style.

  3. Yes deny us the chance of molesting them over and over and over. ;)