Kochikame Movie 2

For the second Kochikame movie, the animators managed to hold off until after the finale to throw in a shot of Ryotsu's hairy butt. For them, that shows INSANE levels of restraint.

It all started with the usual Looney Tunes "hanging off the pants" gag.

Oh nooo, it's a tornado!



And . . . butt.

Oh, don't act so surprised, Ryotsu!

But the villain isn't done yet.

Luckily, Ryo-san ain't afraid of no musclehead!


Not cool, Ryo-san. Not cool.

And a butt kick to add insult to injury!

And then, lo and behold.

. . . we get a butt shot of this guy too. x3

He is immediately gangraped by policemen arrested for public indecency. u_u


  1. Wow... The bad guy have a cute butt, but no one can beat that juicy, big, round, hairy butt... Oh, I love you so much, Ryotsu! *_*

  2. I love Kochikame! My fav ep is 333 or "Rubber Rubber" So to make a long story short, I found the ep on youtube twice, both times taken down, I waited almost three years between both times I found it. I got myself a copy of it but the computer it was on got fryed. I only ask that if you can, please help me find it, I don't care what language it's in.