King of Fighters XIII

It arrived in the mail yesterday!

All our old favorites are back.

Well, mostly, at least!

Including some new to me. Hi, Raiden. I hear you were in Fatal Fury but I don't even remember you! Sexiest chubby fella I've seen in some time.

His artwork basically says "look at my fat ass and grovel for the chance to lick it".

And his winpose involves him ripping off his singlet? Interesting.

Yep, definitely was in Fatal Fury (why don't I remember him? x0)

Still need to unlock Billy. I got (the supposedly much harder) Saiki on my first try, but have replayed Arcade several times since and Mr Kane never shows up?

What a tease.

I also wish Yamazaki was in this one.

Maybe he'll show up later as DLC?

We'll just have to content ourselves with color edit until that happens. u_u



Joe's mooning taunt, also absent from this entry. x0

Is the guy in this picture supposed to be Paul Phoenix? Because that would be awesome.

My PSN name is Soup_Goblin on the off chance anyone wants to start a match going. ;D


  1. Freaking great post. The picture that has Goro Daimon wrestling that blond hunk must be Ryo Sakazaki. Sorry, though I admit that Goro wrestling Paul Phoenix would be hot. I wish their were more pics of Goro though.That pic has gotta be one of my new favorites. Oh yeah, now I also have a crush on Raiden.

  2. These are hot. I like fighting games.

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  3. Wait... They removed Joe's mooning taunt?!!
    How could they... *rage*

  4. I don't think Joe's actually had that taunt since '99 or so to be honest, lol. But I still mourn it's loss.

    At least Capcom gave it back to him in CvSNK. :]

  5. Its Suppose To Be Benimaru on that one pic before the last one.

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