Son Family Bath

Nnnnngh, teen Gohan.

You are far hotter than a nerdy mama's boy has any right to be.

These caps are from the TV special Looking Back at it All: The Dragon Ball Z Year-End Show! Gohan and Goten are taking a brotherly outdoor bath in wintertime when who would appear but . . .

Daddy Goku!

Come back from the dead to provide some male fanservice! (manservice?)

Sorry for these sorry caps BTW.

This special was never released on DVD and can only be found (that I know of) in crappy youtube quality here.


Goku's hot and so are his kids and basically every other guy in this show (but you knew that)

Time to join the fun!

Move over, Son(s)!


Nice and steamy, just the way I like it!

Family bathing must be nice when 2/3 of you are beefcakes.

Or so I imagine.

Care to join?


  1. Yes, please! @__@ Yes, please.

  2. hey gohans a mamas boy because goku wasnt around so much anyway give him a break he has a daughter now their now way to get away from it plus is so bone able

  3. Gohan! <3<3<3

    my favorite post of yours, thus far!