From the most surprising places . . .

So this one time, Savage Dragon and Superman had a crossover, despite being owned by different comic companies and being from totally different universes. This is not unusual! Superman has had crossovers with pretty much everyone because he is a whore.

But this post isn't even really about those two schmucks. (though we do get plenty of nice hairy-chested Dragon)

And the obligatory "muscular heroes put into bondage together" scene, which I think we're all big fans of around here.

It was also nice that they became friends without the usual "they're manipulated into fighting each other" plot that these crossovers ALWAYS have.

Though that part did come later on. ;_;

No, this post is actually about the guy they rescue together. Naked.

With . . . the body of a Greek god? And . . . and . . .

Jimmy Olsen?! THAT Jimmy Olsen? The annoying sidekick kid? WHAT?

. . . So it turns out that Jimmy grew up sorta hot.

You're welcome.

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  1. Jimmy!!!!!!
    In comics the redhair boys are always hot! (In real life is not the same ~_~)