Japanese Pro Wrestling

. . . is apparently INCREDIBLE.

Have I showed these videos before? I honestly don't remember.

Tights-pullin' and cameras zooming in on bare asses . . .

Shinobu is one of my faves. He's often involved in these shenanigans. ;3

Here's a video of him wrestling in pink trunks. At the end you also see a glimpse of the best Battle Royale ever. The rules are simple. Elimination occurs when a guy is pinned, thrown from the ring, or stripped NAKED!

Here's a video of the whole thing, with the action starting around 4:00. Definitely worth a watch. A huge crowd of half-naked Japanese guys, all wrestling and trying to pull the trunks off each other. ♥

Why can't WWE have matches like this?

Another favorite has gotta be Danshoku Dino, whose special moves involve, uh, kissing other man and, um, stuffing their heads inside his trunks so he can throw them. This match basically has it all, even including an ass-rape.

Here he is working his charms on another man. Skip to 11:50 and see if you can settle the age-old question: wrestling or softcore gay porn?

Western wrestlers aren't spared when they go over there either. Skip to around 1:30 to see East vs West fighting in just thongs!


  1. They say american wrestling is staged, but this is pretty much a soap opera. :D

  2. I wanna watch Randy Orton wrestling on thong :3

  3. lol... here we can see how bad the Japanese act. Still, they are hot.

  4. You did post ONE video once ago. Thank you for expanding the collection.

  5. Oh Croup.

    I know you only posted this so we can pray for these men (to the Lord Jesus).

    Y U so philanthropist?