Oh ygal, why you so crazy?


  1. whew that sucks.
    Is that new rule or something??

  2. Nah, it's been around for a while now. I know because I spent a whole afternoon changing all the icons on my stories when it first came out. . . . and yet somehow I still run afoul of it. ^^;

  3. You'd think they'd, y'know, warn you before the swift suspension.

  4. Or just ask me to fix it like a reasonable person?

    That is not how ygal works!

    *vent vent vent*

  5. wut.

    And right in the middle of Forgiveness, too! How...something.

    Wait, I just had a plan. Forgiveness runs until March 1, right? See if you're eligible for this go-around! (Of course, if they just banned you, then...uh...it may be a waste of time.) Failing that...meh, it's y!G. Frankly, I just go there to see a couple of artists that make my naughty parts tingle. (And...uh...to look at pictures of Tentaspies raping dispensers.

  6. Ygal! has a long history of silliness.

    Yet I can't bash it too hard- it's how I found bara, many moons ago.

  7. Meh, it's only for two weeks. I'd rather just wait it out. If I had friends who I could *only* communicate with through ygal it might be a different story, but luckily I've got alternate lines for all my homies.

  8. Honestly, you can get banned for just about anything on y!gal. If there were a better gay art community site, I'd abandon y!gal in a heartbeat.

  9. Yeah. On the one hand, I like that they enforce their rules strictly (esp. on stuff like flaming/harassment) It shows that they care about maintaining quality for both the submissions and the community. But on the other hand, I've seen a lot of *really* good artists leave in disgust because people are so report-happy over there. If there was just some kind of warning system or grace period where you could alter your work before being penalized for it the site would be about 200% better.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. wow, looks like
    anybody can get in trouble
    for anything ^_^;

  12. I will delete your site from my favourites ... now even you start to censor ... absolutely annoying ... I only told the truth about Y !!!
    They will hoax you again and agin ... if you like that ... fine !!!

  13. Anonymous, I deleted your first post because it was pure flamebait and disrespectful. And I don't really fly that way. You can feel free to give negative criticism of a website here (like other replies to this post have done) but not . . . like you did.

    But since you're leaving anyway, uh, whatever.

  14. OMG!
    You really think the operators of Y-gallery deserve respect !?
    Funny and shocking at one time.
    I can t believe you take them under your wings.
    I used Y for quite a long time and
    I realized over and over that the staff-people decide despotically.
    The gay artists get underprivileged and often get treated completely unfair.
    I know no other site with such unsympathetic operaters.
    I think they are narrow-minded and their site therefore is so not cool !

  15. I think everyone deserves respect. I also didn't realize this'd be such a HOT BUTTON ISSUE. It was really just kind of a quick venting post. xD;

    If you can provide examples of this unfair treatment to bara artists though I'd be all ears. I've never noticed a difference myself compared to other male/male artists.

  16. Nope !

    You are definitely wrong here Soup.
    Only people who are able to act "fair" deserve respect.

    There is no need for me to bring evidence here.
    Examples of scared away gay-artist are manifold and you know that.

    Don t deceive yourself.
    Y s target audience are basically girls. Those girls want to see effeminate and androgynous manga-men. They create their own sugary gay-cosmos and almost across-the-board are averse to butch,muscular couples.
    Their natural aversion leads on to
    From this follows ignorance and unconscious or even conscious discrimination.

    Bara is somehow only tolerated over at Y but not at all wished.
    It s a shabby treatment.

    Their penalties for most ridiculous minuscule mistakes are just medieval.
    The catalogue of rules they ve created is exaggerated.
    It seems as if they suffer from a
    terrible image neurosis.

  17. I know plenty of girls who like bara. :0

    According to this poll: http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/poll/admin/5866/ the gender ratio is only slightly in favor of females there. Of course, I doubt the accuracy of it but still. It wouldn't make much sense for ygal to alienate a large portion of their userbase, right?

    Different preferences =/= discrimination. That's the same as saying something like because more females watch soap operas than cop shows, they're discriminating against cop shows.

    I will agree though that their rules about objective quality of works are way too, well, *objective*

  18. I was never in contact with a girl who likes "real bara" while using Y.
    Maybe there are a few exceptions.
    I also doubt this gender ratio.
    ( Soup wrote:
    It wouldn't make much sense for ygal to alienate a large portion of their userbase, right?)
    I prove you right but why do they passionately attempt to just do that ?
    You gave the perfect answer:
    Because what they do makes no sense !
    (You wrote :
    Different preferences =/= discrimination. That's the same as saying something like because more females watch soap operas than cop shows, they're discriminating against cop shows.)
    Oh come on! *lol*
    I did not say that and this comparison is flawed.
    Their behaviour is "contextual".
    Bara is not their cup of tea cause bara-art often is the complete opposite of what Yaoi-fangirls prefer.
    And so it comes naturally to them to treat bara-artists and fans stepmotherly.
    To scare gay-artists off because of that is pure discrimination .

    If I were in your position and would collect tons of gay-art whatsoever I possibly would defend Y to a certain degree too.
    It is a perfect source for you as a collector.
    You made your experiences there and I made mine ... maybe your experiences are different from mine.
    A well ment advise despite all :
    Stay watchful and don t let them shit you too much. ;-)
    Maybe you can t imagine how humiliating it is for an artist who uploaded tons of high-quality art and gets suspended without any warning and for no important reason.
    It is inconceivably abnormal that a suspended artist even is not allowed to access his own artwork-section. How sick is that. Little short of criminal !!!
    I personally came to a conclusion :
    I ll never again give Y a chance.
    I would never recommend it !!!

    Best wishes,
    Cheraldur Coxxx

    I side with you(I even worked out art for you you especially like (spank Naruto etc. )
    but I totally hate the mods over at Y-G !