Patlabor (1 of 3)

Guys, I've never watched Patlabor! It's like I've missed a critical part of my anime education. I dunno. I was under the impression it was a boringly generic mecha show, but actually it's a slice-of-life comedy cop show--with robots? Well, maybe I'll check out the movies sometime.

Anyway, I wouldn't have given this show the time of day again except an anonymous reader offered up a fanservicey link on the sidebar. Readers sometimes tell me that they've gotten into series because of my posts, but really I think it works more often the other way around. Readers send me links or pictures, and then I make posts about them.

Anyway! I meanwhile downloaded some episodes with dude nudity in them. As a, um, representative sample! What? This is standard operating procedure.

It's episode four of the first OVA, and we find the property-damaging men of Division 2 sent back for retraining. Once arrived, the first thing they do is take a nice, hot soak in the bathing facilities.

Asuma enjoys some fun bare-butt diving.

While Shinshu stretches and flexes by himself.

I've mentioned before how I really love those short towels men wear in the onsen, right?

Well, it bears repeating anyway. I really love those towels.

And so, it would seem, does Asuma.

Should I let the rest of the screencaps speak for themselves? I think I will. Make up your own story, folks! Trust me, it won't be hard.



"Oh all right. I'll join in too."
"With a man's needs--" oh god, do I even really need to say anything?


EDIT: Amazingly, there's a dub outtake of this scene almost exactly like my imagination. Great minds think . . . alike? (skip to 0:48)


  1. Wow. I saw Patalabor a long time ago, but I think it was just the movie. Definitely nothing like this in it.

    Great post. :3

  2. Just like you Croup, back in my younger days I saw Patlabor as a boring anime, full of dialog and no action. But now? Its one of my favorites (along with Saint Seiya and YuYu Hakusho)

    I guess it takes an adult mind to enjoy it :)

  3. Wowzers, I had been feeling SO depressed as of late you just brought a little sunshine into my sphere.

    Thanks Croup ^^

  4. Thanks Croup! ^_^
    You just found me another scene I need to add to my future embarrassment montages! XD