Phoenix Wright

I beat the third Phoenix Wright game last week! Go me! That means I can do a post on more characters from the series without spoiling myself. (but totally able to spoil others, so watch out!)

Characters like Xin Eohp, I mean, Furio Tigre here! (hey, another tiger for the New Year)

It amused me how he kept roaring ferociously and pulling at his shirt to expose that manly chest throughout his case.

And after it's over . . . well, I imagine stuff like this will happen a lot while he's in prison.

Yakuza tattoo~

Coochie coochie coo . . .

Poor Gumshoe, even the inmates rape him. xD

Godot doesn't escape either!

Speaking of Godot,

He was one fine ass prosecutor.

With his coffee obsession,

and teasing of "Trite".

I like my men like I like my coffee, hot and strong . . . with a spoon in them!

Will Powers comes back too! Well, okay, he didn't come back for the third game. But he's coming back to this blog at least!

Because I found more art of him.

And now for the most important thing, the ever-adorable Gumshoe. ♥

I can never get enough of this guy. :3

Every time he made an appearance, inner-me would go "Yay!" =D

I'm not the only one who can't get enough of him though . . .

Lots of others always seem to fancy him too--in the most perverse of fashions!

Honestly, I think he spends more time getting his butt stuffed with cock than finding useful evidence.

Actually, that might explain a lot . . .

But I'll forgive him because I know he always tries his best. ♥

Oh, the game also has these two bozos in it, whoever they are.
The Miles Edgeworth game is out now, right?


  1. Ace Attorney Investigations came out yesterday actually. I'm picking up mine today cause I pre-ordered it. ^w^

    This post was like heaven, seriously I'm a huge Gumshoe and Will Powers fanboy and they are so awesome and bara, Godot and Furio Tigre are hot too. Thanks so much for the

  2. This post is like SOLID. FREAKING. GOLD.

    Though, re: Furio/Shoo, I don't think it counts as rape if they're willing. ;)

  3. So I definitely read "spoiled myself" as "soiled myself" and was left with numerous odd and twisted images and a confusing boner in my pants...

    Thanks Soup.

  4. Hey Soup!
    I love the Phoenix Wright games, I played only the half of the 3rd game because my lack of time U_U but i hope I can continue and reach the Apollo Justice.

    I want to ask if you have the doujinshis were the pics you posted are from. (I want the doujins *_* pleaaaase!!!)
    I'm not a great fan of Dick (Gumshoe) but those pics somehow... stimulate me.