Patlabor (2 of 3)

Another Patlabor post! This one is from the second OVA. On youtube they say it's episode six, but on the torrent I downloaded it's listed as the seventh--so I don't know WHO to believe! The title is 'Black Trinary' though.

Just warning you all now, this post is pretty big 'cuz I found a new way to screencap using Media Player Classic. It's about twice as fast as the way I was using before!

Anyway, their goal this operation is to catch a terrorist. The catch?

They suspect he's hiding in the public baths.

But nobody can say the men of Division 2 aren't dedicated to their duty. Well, okay, some can, but whatever. In any case, they think nothing of stripping out of their uniforms and into those (wonderfully) scanty onsen towels before going in!

From left to right we've got Ohta (the aggressive gun freak) , Hiromi (the gentle giant), Asuma (no, not that Asuma), and Goto (their lackadaisical captain).

Asuma starts to express enjoyment of their surroundings, so Ohta is quick to take issue.

Ohta here is my main man. He's gung-ho, brash, stocky, belligerent, has huge eyebrows, and is just about the cutest fella in the whole wide world. I could cuddle and buttfuck him to bits!

A moment later, Shinshi joins them. Super!

Interestingly, they line up in order of how sexy they are! (to me)

Anywho, let's do as the subtitles say and get to know these potential terrorists, shall we?

This guy does absolutely nothing for me. Oh well!

Sorry Captain Goto, preconceptions are all I need when I make snap judgments of cartoon characters based solely on appearance.

This one looks fun at least!

But the rest of the unit acts as if they've never seen a guy shave around a wild mohawk in public before. Laaame.

And this man with the freckles is simply ADORABLE.

I want to take him home with me.

For whatever reason, he examines every inch of his body while flexing. For whatever reason, I was doing the same thing!

Next we move on to the more . . . imposing suspects.

This scarred man certainly gets your attention!

But even moreso, this yakuza guy with the huge tattoo on his back.

This is not the face of a shaving man you want to mess with!

And any one of these men could be the bomber.

What to do? Surely there's a way to identify the real suspect from the others.

Ah, of course! The terrorist has three distinctive moles on his armpit!

Ohta has a great idea, but none of the others seem to go for it. So headstrong! ♥

They want to kiss, really.

After a brief argument about who gets who, they agree to split up and tail each man individually.

Ohta goes after the scarred guy. As alpha male, just maybe he likes to take on the toughest tasks to prove himself!

Strangely, this guy might be an even bigger gun freak than he is. For like the entire episode he keeps posing with an imaginary rifle cocked. I . . . I really don't know.

Hunky Ohta prepares to make his manly move. Alright, enough shameless Ohta fanboying. From now on, I'll try to give this commentary the respect it deserves.

Oh look, you can see the bottom of Hiromi's butt.

Hiromi and Asuma prepare to enact their devious plan to check out this guy's pits.

By, um, yawning a lot and hoping it's contagious.

. . . yeah, might wanna work on Plan B, guys.

Meanwhile, Shinshi also gets into position.

Will he be able to perform his reconnaissance with success?

. . . no.

Meanwhile, Ohta continues to size up his target.


Goto does the same.

Until he gets bored and goes away.

Meanwhile, Asuma and Hiromi continue their own mission.

By, um.

Hitting on him in the bath. God, Asuma, you're such a whore for cock. Keep it in your pants while on the job, would you? Er, if you were wearing any pants.

Anyway! Next thing we know the scene switches again to some kid bothering Mr. Freckles.

What's this? Turns out Goto didn't just up and leave the scene, he left to enlist the help of this underage boy!

By drawing on Mr. Freckles back!

Goto takes that opportunity to accost the bloke and drag him over to the others.

Manhandling! This episode is rife with it.

I like how the wet towel conforms to the shape of Asuma's buns here. Anyway, Mr Freckles is ranting something about how he likes to count his freckles while working out and how the kid made him lose his place or something. It's the ranting of a crazy person!

And alas, also the ranting of a non-terrorist. There are no moles here!

We return to Ohta and Mr Scars.

He's finally ready to make his move!

Or not.

Mr Scars strikes the first blow, before dashing all of our hopes with his next line . . .


A hilarious misunderstanding! Ohta reacts with indignation. But c'mon. He's fooling himself if he thinks he isn't coming off as some pervy bath-crazed man-stalker.
It's so cute how he stomps. ♥

Meanwhile! We're back to these guys.

A cunning plan.

Surely, drinking milk will incite him to rage!

Well, it will if you take every bottle I guess.

Meanwhile! Ohta's man-stalking continues.

A sneaky tactic leads to . . .

What Ohta wanted to do from the beginning.

The strong arm approach!

Flawless victory.

But is he the one?

Only one way to find out!

. . . d'oh.

Meanwhile, more incitings!

Does a body good.

MEANWHILE! Shinshi makes his move!

In the creepiest way possible!

Poor punk guy never had a chance.

His struggles to resist Shinshi's advances are futile!

God, they're like a pervy gang of bath men lechers.

I'm sure somewhere in Shinshi's (married!) mind, the chest nuzzling was necessary.

The poor dude actually faints from fear. Or decides to just lay back and take it. Hard to tell.

Anyway, the punk rocker didn't have moles either, so Ohta and Goto rush over to inform Asuma and Hiromi.

Coke product placement!

Long hair guy is quickly gripped and, yes, manhandled by the four men.

The best part about this is how the host doesn't even say anything about these guys beating up her customers right in front of the desk.

D'oh, again! The only thing in this pit are some scraggly hairs!

Which means . . .

The terrorist can only be . . .

They quickly rush back to find . . .

A beaten up Shinshi, having already failed in his attempt to investigatively molest the man!

What happens next? Find out next post for the thrilling, skin-baring conclusion!


  1. Lol I yawned at the part where they yawned, hahaha