Anime Screencap Week: Gunparade Orchestra

Is it already day 4 of Anime Screencap Week? My, how the time flies!

Today we'll be looking at Ryouma of Gunparade Orchestra. He's the guy in the back of the class . . . lifting weights?

Yes, it seems that Ryouma is often in the background of shots, flexing and showing off his impressive body.

That's what muscle guys in anime do, right?

The show doesn't take it's time showing us more of him. It starts right in the first episode!

Oh, that Ryouma.

He brings some much needed testosterone to the series. As well as . . .

Other things.

Bathhouses are another great place to show off your muscles.


He flexes up a storm.

As assorted background men look on . . . admiringly?

But even there, there's still something missing.

In order to best show off himself . . .

Shouldn't he do it without any covering at all?

Everyone agrees.

Gunparade Orchestra.


  1. A tall, hunky asian guy that works out all day long and spontaneously flexes? Yes please!

  2. where can i find this anime series? i found one but its quality is bad

  3. hey! Look at "http://www.anime-ds.com/download/gunparade-orchestra/". Premium or free download are possible. (high quality + english sub)