Folsom Street Fair

Ahh, Folsom Street Fair. That annual San Francisco BDSM event which draws kinky crowds from all over the globe.

Leather ain't never really been my thing. But did you know that at one booth there, run by Man's Hand Films, guys get . . .

. . . bare bottom . . .

. . . public . . .

Yep, volunteers from the audience gladly offer up their asses for punishment before appreciative crowds.

That's right, volunteers. A dollar a swat!

It's an unbelievable fantasy for many of the spanko persuasion, that mix of humiliation and pain (pleasure?)

For others, it's a fun way to donate money to a good cause. All proceeds go towards the AIDS Emergency Fund and Breast Cancer Emergency Fund!

As for the rest, well . . .

Maybe they just know they've been naughty.

Held on the last Sunday in September. That's coming up soon!

All for charity.


  1. Maybe if I had a free plane ticket. ;P

  2. Best. Fundraiser. EVER!


  3. Spankings can even cure AIDS. Who knew?

  4. I thought you already lived on the left coast, Soup! XD

    (Yeah, I know, California itself is a big state, not to mention Washington and Oregon. But still, that could be a fun driving trip...)

  5. I'm not a big fan of spanking but i gotta admit that was hot!

  6. Hahah, nope. I'm firmly on the, er, right coast. I mean, the East coast. New York pride, yo.

    There should be a similar event right up here. ;]