Has anyone ever heard of this anime Reideen: The Superior (aka Chouja Reideen)? Apparently it's kind of a super sentai series where the dudes' transformations make their clothes rip apart ala Cutie Honey.

No, I'm not secretly talking about Dragon Ranger!

Check out this video I found for a better understanding.

Overall the guys are a bit too pretty for my taste, but a few of them aren't half-bad lookin' . . .


  1. They work as a boy band for their dday job.... ummm.... yea... is this labeled as a yaoi or was it just designed to be pay back for all the hetro fanservice?

  2. Ohhh I love them! They are my type!
    I'm gonna watch the serie to see them naked =^_^=

  3. Thanks a lot Croup! ^_^
    I remember coming across that clip quite a while ago but could figure out what the anime it featured was called.
    Now I know thanks to you and will be going to try and fins all the episodes I can! ^___^