Ripping Friends

This is seriously the dumbest, most homo-erotic cartoon ever. Praise be to youtube for letting me discover it years after it's broadcast date.

The show stars four super-hero "brothers"--Crag, Rip, Slab, and Chunk. They fight crime together, wearing tight spandex over bulging, ridiculously muscled bodies. With their cry of "It's Ripping Time!" they punish baddies and keep order from their base, RIPCOT. They are the manliest of men.

From the opening credits alone we get an accidental butt-shot.
And the episodes themselves? Well, ahaha. Ahahah.


Within the first MINUTE of my first episode, we get a spanking. So, I'm already hooked for life.
Brotherly love.

But they're not always running around in their underwear! Sometimes they dress up as heroes, too! And then, once in a while, they even go disguised.
. . . as bathtubs and toilets.

Rip here is my favorite. He's the angry one.
Here's a dramatic scene where he (gasp!) quits the Ripping Friends!

Here's hoping the rest of the episodes make it to youtube at some point. For, um, research. Yes.


  1. I remember this show. I couldn't really get into it, it was just too stupid. Kind of reminded me of Ren and Stimpy a lot, too.

  2. Probably because it was created by the same two guys who made Ren and Stimpy!

  3. i love this show! always amazing when such perversion makes it to Saturday morning TV. i remember a villain named The Indigestible Wad, he was a sentient gum wad.

  4. Yep, the Indigestiable Wad ep is on youtube too. The one I really want to see is called "The Muscle Magician", I think. It features a stage magician hypnotizing the Friends and I KNOW that there is more spanking in it.

  5. lol this looks so funny im gonna youtube it :)

  6. Hahahaha...I so remember seeing this when it air on TV all those not so many years ago. I went off and forgot all about it. Thanks for helping me recall them.