Spank Artist Spotlight!

A master of disguise, the enigmatic creature known as "Cross-chan" is famous (infamous?) for drawing the hottest anime-based spankings around. What a privilege to show them before you today! Here is a modest collection of some hard-picked favorites. First up are a few fanarts of Naruto!

Obviously, any drawing featuring Kiba gettin' it good and hard will earn itself a fapp or two (or three, or ten) from me. This drawing inspired another fanfic from me!

More Naruto fanart. Gai wailing on Kakashi's butt for arriving late (again). Kakashi/Gai is Cross-chan's OTP, don't ya know!

Cross-chan also has quite the talent for mixing in humor with her work!

A drawing done in honor of Kiba's birthday. Hah, hah! Get it? Dog years! (well, you'd probably get it if you've seen Naruto, anyway)

Even the villains get in on the action! (forgive me Cross, I cropped Tobi out of this one. He was too . . . distracting xD;;)

Cross is also a giant fan of Kinnikuman and it's sequel series (known in the US as Ultimate Muscle). From what I've seen, the show is cracky and full of bara fanservice.

Cross can even do full comics! Astounding! (just writing this post has made me masturbate)

More color. This time the whole gang gets it!

Other fandoms aren't safe either. Here's some Fullmetal Alchemist fanart! Edward Elric giving Roy, the "flame" alchemist, a burning butt. (at least he's not spanking with his metal arm, now that would leave a mark)

Jackie Chan Adventures! All the other spanko artists draw Jackie's niece, Jade, getting it. But Cross is clearly too cool for that. ♥

Breath of Fire 3! This scene should definitely have happened in the game.

Bleach chibis! My lust for Ganju knows no bounds, so it's wonderful to see his beefy butt stinging next to Ichigo's.

And lastly, Link of Zelda fame trapped over Ganon's knee. Bad luck, Hero of Hyrule!

Rumor has it that Cross-chan now has a blog of her own where you can see plenty more of her art, both old and new.


  1. Mmmm, she does muscles well and Kakashi's ass looks so hot. Also liking Kisame and Link's. If I was more into spanking, this would be so much hotter, but muscle asses are nice too.

  2. Did she do one of a girl spanking Wolverine?

  3. I am both entirely ashamed of myself, and exceedingly flattered. Such a perplexing combination of emotions!

    Damn! How did you guess that KakaGai was my OTP? You're scaring me with your knowledge, man. XD

    Tobi doesn't mind! He'll watch from afar~!

    Thank you so much, Soupy. <3

  4. Oh Cross, a little bird must've told me!

    Hope those dang confusing emotions don't overload your circuits and cause you to go on a killing spree!

  5. Wow, a Jacki Chan spank fic. I think my childhood (or at least teens) is being raped and I like it.

  6. That's some nice work!
    I particularly like the USA boy with his butt thrust out :)