Bara Spotlight: Gateau

Today's anime hunk will be Gateau from the oldish anime Sorceror Hunters! You all remember Sorceror Hunters, right? No? Nobody? (it had an awesome theme song)

Well, it had this guy in it. And he was hot.
And he's so hot that I can even forgive the anime for changing his character from a flaming homosexual who wanted to get Marron into his pants, to a--well, a guy without much personality who never does much of anything. Oh well!

"HAHAHAH! Yeah, I am pretty big, aren't I?" he says. (this, at least, is completely true to his manga incarnation. THE MAN LUVS SHOWIN' HIS MUSCLES)

However, then he catches sight of Carrot running towards them. I'm not going to bother capping that because, well, Carrot is skinny with the muscle-mass of a twig.

Then Carrot jumps towards them and we get some great aerial shots of the hunk.

After that the girls proceed to beat Carrot up, of course (Sorceror Hunters was kinda geared towards hetero fanboys with an abuse/domination fetish). Gateau is flabbergasted by all the shenanigans!


  1. Yes! Awesome! I have such a hard time finding Gateau artwork online and he doesn't have as much as a fanbase as he should! Good posting!

  2. Time to photoshop some cock into that thing.

    *gets to work*

  3. Oh dude, if you're gonna be editing it, grab a better source picture than this one. It's crappy quality off of youtube, lol

  4. I can't even find these in bad quality. I used google and youtube, and can't even find one ep (nevermind this one specifically). Sides, I was just going to go Filer>Liquify and add a bulge.

  5. Crap Photoshop Get!



    "Ya, I AM pretty big, aren't I?"

  6. Heh, very nice Kafm. You can see now why all the girls flock to him!

  7. MahoutsukainoKontonJanuary 6, 2009 at 6:07 AM

    Hmm well this puts a damper on trying to hold back rereading the series. I won't watch the anime again unless I got paid, or it's the opening closing... or if it's more Gateau with some Marron thrown in. :)

  8. I actually just found out that there's a Sorceror Hunters OVA floating around somewhere out there. Gateau's character might be corrected in that one, since it seems much more true to the manga canon. The girls' outfits are switched to their manga ones (read: kinkier and sluttier =D) and from the credits I can see that Gataeu's sister is there, and she was formerly manga-only.