Caramon Majere

A favorite character from the DragonLance novels--one of my favorite pieces of derivative fantasy ever!

He's the one on the left. Yeah, with the goofy helmet.

While a strong warrior, he also cares deeply for his friends. Here he tries to comfort Crysania, but she rebuffs him because she was kind of a total bitch!

And here he is all . . . tan, and . . . oiled. Um.

Yeahhh, those chapters where he had to strip mostly naked and fight in the Ishtar Arena were good chapters.


  1. I always liked Caramon, just my type of leather harness wearer.
    They've made a comic book of "the twins" have you seen it?

  2. Like most comic books, the art won't show a male bottom :(

  3. I hadn't known there was a comic book version out! A shame they won't show his butt (his glorious, glorious butt), but is there any good fanservice of him otherwise?

  4. It can be arranged .. hehe
    (just as well I have a lot of free time just now)

  5. Hah! Well, I was actually just asking if the comic at least had some good chest shots of him, or maybe even a panel of him in a loincloth . . . but if you want to draw the big stud than I'm not going to stop you. >3

    (heehee, maybe with Tasslehoff watching?)

  6. I actually don't think that my version was BIG enough. I might have to try again. Maybe that's him earlier in the arena, after he lost the flab but before he gained the muscle...

  7. Yes, its all about the minotaur.