Some Spryte Faves

Spank Week picking up some steam now! These drawins are all by the incredible Spryte, whose works I first viewed as an impressionable adolescent. We can all thanks him for imparting many adorable fetishes that I still retain to this very day!

(coloring on this one done by yours truly)

Check out Spryte's blog (with way more pictures!) here!


  1. Not related to the pics, but since this is the newest:
    You ever consider getting one of those chat boxes like Humbuged has on his blog?

  2. 5th, 7th and the last one are what could be called "dreams on paper" or "dreams transferred to paper".

    A chat box is a wonderful idea.

  3. Hmmm, maybe I'll look into that! I had one once, but it was buggy and I deleted it.

  4. Oh what a big fan of Spryte's art when he had his yahoo group. The one I love the most you have here is the one you color of the minotaur running the machine that is spanking all of the other fours furries was my whole idea to him when I won a contest he was running. I love what you done with it! The only draw back is that the human you color so well is a gorilla. Maybe some day you will color another version for me turning him back into a brown fur gorilla. Hehehe..after all if not for me this drawing would be had come about. Still a fantastic job you did on it.