Almost done . . .

This guy seriously reminds me of a dude I work with. Ahhh, so sexy. xD


  1. Oh lorrrrd. This one's been getting me off for months. I think it's the combination of jockish top idiocy, his adorable demeanor and the retarded bit of chin-scruff. Instant erection.

    I'm really looking forward to you guys' work on it, Croup.

  2. please, you need to help me!!!
    i saw a picture here in your blog... it's called BIG DADDY ( a big guy holding three kids and a teenager), it's awesome. Do you know if there is more of it? I mean, is that image from a comic book, HQ or something? do you have more images like that? Please, help me!

  3. Does the picture take place in a hot springs or a body of water? The artist is named Tai-Ga and until recently his website was available to us Westerners. The pic comes in two flavors, PG-13 and X-rated. I wish I had saved both when I had the chance. Sigh.