The Tournament

One part fighting tournament where skilled fighters can test their mettle, another part scientific demonstration of a new teleportation device. The event seemed to have something for everyone. Champions are 'ported into fighting arenas where they do battle with each other. And all who participate are guaranteed part of a grand prize!

The first fight goes off without a hitch, as Chaos and Galen duke it out in front of a frenzied crowd. Unfortunately, the wolf/rabbit Chaos loses his match, and is teleported out of the ring. A simple blow to his pride from the loss is hardly all he has to deal with, however . . .

What none of the champions are aware of is the true purpose of the tournament. By attuning themselves to the new teleporter, they unwittingly gave up control of their bodies to an outside force. Chaos is teleported right out of his clothes and into some prepared ropes and a ball-gag. He finds himself inside a glass dome of some kind, naked and bound, and with an unbearably and inexplicably hard erection.

It's all the doing of one Egad Nob, a bondage obsessed villain who has crossed paths with Chaos before. There is nothing the evil fox likes better than to bring strong and powerful men down and show them they're not nearly as strong as they thought they were.

 And so, as the tournament goes on . . .

Chaos finds himself with more and more company . . .

As the loser of each match is teleported into an adjacent 'trophy case' just like his own!

Until finally, the 'Grand Prize' is assembled. Just as promised, every fighter who participated has a part in it. The ensuing auction of the helplessly bound and enraged fighting hunks raises Egad a fortune . . .

 A year later, another Tournament is held with a similar premise.

This one under the control of Egad's superior within the villainous bondage heirarchy, "Big Boss" Damian Ratsbane.

As the last one was so popular, Damian's Tournament draws many more competitors to it. So many that the first rounds are fought with tag-teams rather than one-on-one.

This tournament is one of my favorite concepts ever, and provides the backdrop for the next slew of Slake stories. Yes, Slake is a competitor, and even Conquer entered on a whim in order to challenge his son. According to the rules I'm not allowed to notify ya'll when Slake's matches go up, so you'll just have to keep an eye on Bogrim's page if you're interested in casting a vote. ;]

Also check out his blog for LOTS more information and background. It's well worth the read~


  1. Can I get the Cobra for myself?

  2. Thanks for posting this - will now be following it through!

  3. is this fully released? I can only find parts 1 and 2. Anyone who knows I'll appreciate it lots! thanks!

  4. I'll take Strype <3