Prisoner Ryu

So in episode 8 of Street Fighter II V, still well within the show's early "incredibly homo-erotic" phase . . .

Ryu gets sent to prison on false charge.

NO GUYS. We're not gonna have a soap dropping scene or anything.Instead we're gonna show Ryu's treatment at the hands of this sadistic warden.

Ryu is soon shirtless and strung up from the rafters.

As the warden reveals one of his favorite tools for breaking in new prisoners.

A whip! He's a hands-on kinda guy.

And he does enjoy his work.

The whip cracks into Ryu's exposed and vulnerable flesh.

And the warden gets PISSED OFF when Ryu doesn't howl from the first strike.

So he . . .

Whips him again . . .
and . . .
. . . again . . .
All as Ryu grits his teeth and takes the pain, refusing to give the evil pig the satisfaction of hearing him cry out. It's a matter of pride.

It's a dark scene, and the recycled footage of Ryu writhing in his chains goes on for some time. It affected me a lot as a kid, because it was my first glimpse into what would later be a pretty big S&M fetish. Something about a strong hero helpless and yet defiant as his body is beaten really, uh, spoke to me.

A bit too extreme though, for both past and present me. Would've been way hotter if it was just a spanking rather than a whipping. u_u

By the end, his muscular body is covered in scars from the whipping he's endured.

Afterward he's left to recover in his cell.

Poor adolescent me. At the time, I was really struggling with my personal inclinations. Liking men I was never really bothered by, but . . . I didn't just like them, I got off on seeing them in pain!
How could I enjoy seeing people hurt? That wasn't me. Even as a kid I was a pacifist. And yet I had all these fantasies of basically abusing men and raping them against their will. 'What the hell was wrong with me?' I thought. Ryu was a good guy. He didn't deserve to be put through such tortures, any more than the friends and classmates who I also secretly lusted over and imagined abusing.

It's so hard to reconcile different parts of ourselves, isn't it? The mental, the ethical, the sexual, the body, the soul . . . How do you know which parts to listen to? Which parts are right?

Anyway, uh, the moral of the story is I grew up and decided that as long as these were only fictional men anyway, then no harm no foul! Oh, and lots of guys like being abused, so I should just find one of them if I want to indulge in my sadistic side. (but the key part of the fantasy is that they don't like it . . . Argh!)


  1. Correction, masochistic means that you like being abused, so it'd actually be your sadistic side (being the abuser).

    Also, most S&M fantasies go hand in hand with roleplaying, so what you need to do is find a masochist who's good at acting.

    1. Gah, yes, that's what I meant to type. (fixed!)

      This is why I do so much RPing over the net. The threat of bad acting is much lower there. ;]

  2. hey i fantasized about stuff like this too! I would always feel guilty about it, but seeing a big guy like that in such a vulnerable position and possibly suffering was somehow very satisfying. I think it was like a power trip thing the darker side of me fantasized about because i have always been a huge pacifist. I would never really able to hurt anyone though, I never fantasized about causing a man like this any pain I was always just in the third person point of view.

    I think theres just something about a "good" and powerful hero type having to endure a little abuse that is simply attractive.

    BTW i loved that street fighter, i never got to watch the whole series as a kid, but when it was on i loved it, Ryu from this series was definitely one of my first cartoon crushes, but back then, unsure of my sexuality i always rooted for a chunli/ryu story, i wanted to BE her.

    1. To me, I guess it's because guys like that are 'untouchable'. They're large and strong and in reality are chiefs of their domain. The idea of rendering them helpless and under your power is so thrilling partly because it's like a forbidden fruit you can't enjoy in real life.

      Though to be totally upfront, I've been a bit dishonest and, like you, am rarely (if ever) the abuser even in my own fantasies. I'm simply an invisible observer watching as one man abuses another. Not exactly sure why that is, other than my related fetish for voyeurism creeping into the rest of my turn-ons.

      Ironically, Ryu/Chun-Li is one of the larger slash pairings in the fandom (at least as far as hetero stuff) despite their never being any romantic subtext between the two characters. From what I remember, didn't this show almost put Chun-Li and KEN together? (my memory might be severely warped on this one)

    2. it has been so long i hardly remember much except the first few episodes where the three met, but yes i believe it is ken who attempted to date her, but i always thought ryu was a bit more handsome.

      but i totally agree about that 'untouchable' factor.

    3. oh i forgot to add one more thing. The fact that in my fantasies it was (and still is) usually the hero that endures some form suffering that make them even more 'heroic' and therefore even more attractive.

  3. very hot. love to see more

  4. Is it wrong that I skipped straight past the guilt to just really liking the fantasy of abuse? That in itself bothers me more than the fetish itself.

    1. Nahhh, it's probably healthier that you didn't guilt yourself. You just know what you like is all!

  5. In the first or second episode of this serie (if i don't made a mistake) Ryu&Ken are naked in a pool, in a suite of an hotel or in a big house of Ken's father.

    1. It's actually episode 3. I covered that scene in like . . . probably this blog's first month. :]