Hijikata Raiden

From Inazuma 11! That football/soccer anime/game series!

He's the guy on the team with the biggest, most muscled body! He takes care of his five younger siblings, which is completely adorable. He also continues my pattern of having crushes on dudes with ridiculous hair.

But let's get back to his big and muscular body.

It sure is big . . . and muscular!

And he seems the type who doesn't mind showing it off. ^^



  1. not sure y but the last pic is my favorite

  2. Lol, i swear everyone forgets that in the actual show raiden/ thor if your watching the english dub version, is only 14 years old. Thank god most artist age him up. Lol.

  3. Can i request about ryokan kurita from eyeshield 21, he's totally hot