Rumble Fish

Oh my gosh! So back in this blog's first month of posts (nearly four years ago, dear god have I really been doing this that long? x0) I posted the above image on a whim, not knowing the characters' identities. They were just two hot guys!

HOWEVER. Through the power of browsing fighting game news sites, I now know that they are both from an import-only fighting game series for PS2 called Rumble Fish.

Main character, Zen.

And the one I like, Lud. He seems to have that brash and youthful, cocky demeanor that so calls for a good spanking.

It's funny, because someone just emailed me the other day asking what the characters were from. Sorry, guy, I didn't know then! Have this post as an apology.

Rumble Fish is a silly name.


  1. Lud, Orville, Aran, Viren, Zen, Bazoo, and Greed are so sexy. I really wish this game could come to America or at least ZBL

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  3. so i heard through the fighting game comunity is that Rumble Fiah 2 is getting re-realeased