Deep Space Nine

Jadzia Dax knows how to throw a good party.

What better way to make an impression than by inviting a Samoan fire dancer to your bachelorette party?

It's not just any fire dancer of course, but lieutenant Manuele Atoa.

He serves aboard the USS Sutherland.
He's got some hot moves.

And this is just about as much manservice as Star Trek is allowed to give.

Jadzia congratulates him on providing such welcome entertainment (and eyecandy)

Then . . .

More dancing!

Then more flirting!

Jadzia, you're soon to be a married woman! :0
The next morning . . .

Atoa and Morn wake up. Pretty sure they slept together.

But now it's time for the guests to leave~
The door opens, revealing Worf right on the other side.
DS9 was the best Star Trek ever.


  1. =0 y-you think it was the best too???!

    I love you more every day. Tell me how to make you happy.

    P.S. I never finished the series. Stopped watching midway through season four or five (the first season with Worf). Is it true it gets way better? Do you have a boyfriend?

  2. uh, no for one reason, Scott Bakula and contamination chamber. Enterprise for the win.