Last post's clip made me really in the mood for football . . . I speak of the American game, not the international!

I've never been a big fan of the game itself (was too big of a geeeek in school ;P) but the sport does draw some of the beefiest guys to it.

I guess it was the kind of thing I'd profess being too "cool" for, but then secretly check the players out whenever it was around.

Especially their asses.

Oh man, football pants are flattering on the glutes.

The see-through fabric helps.

And since the players only wear jockstraps underneath . . .

You're pretty much looking at their bare ass . . .


The pro's are dang proud of their bodies, too.

This is Patrick Kerney. He's got one of the best butts in the game.

(thanks Scott for directing me to these pictures!)

But to get the full effect, you really need to see him in motion . . .

(watch this video. Just trust me)

The occasional pantsing happens on the field, too (though not as often as it should!)

But yeah, these guys look great in or out of uniform.

Or even . . . out of uniform.
They make great Halloween costumes, too.

And it's always nice to see a jock getting spanked or paddled by his coach . . .
Ha ha ha . . . tight end.


  1. My goodness, I knew their pants were tight but I didn't know they were /sheer/. <3

  2. *o*

    That's a game for gay watchers.
    Nice butts!

  3. Those butt-shots are great ...
    simply awesome sexy !

  4. this post was AWESOME!

  5. I had NO idea that the pants were see through sometimes...wow you can see their jockstraps and everything...


    Why did no one TELL me this before?

  6. Shit, the one with the player getting swats was real lookin, just like us Dudes get in r HS Football locker room in Texas! His ass is black n blue in the lst picture!