RPG Week: Arngrim

RPG Week continues! This time we tackle Arngrim, from Valkyrie Profile.

Arngrim is a bit of an asshole, to be honest. He's such a jerk that the Aesir don't even want him on their side for Ragnarok, despite his total badassitude. Oh well! Guess that means he sticks with Lenneth the whole game.

He's named after a berserker from Norse mythology, but his character design reminds me of a certain other berserker.

Arngrim is expressive.

That armor sure is protective!

Somewhere along the way we descended into pornography.
Demon fuckin'!


  1. in other words he is a total bottom.

  2. Wow, I had that demon fucking picture and didn't even know it was a ref to anything, haha.

    Oh, Pixiv.

  3. Beautiful your drawings, man!

    Congratulations from Brazil!!!