RPG Week: Breath of Fire

Furry Friday and RPG Week . . . coincide!
Can you believe that there's no porn of Ox from the first Breath of Fire game (the huge guy in the back) anywhere on the net? Man, furry pervs. I thought I knew you.

I mean, sheesh, look at him! In those shredded work pants and studded strap. He comes from a race of super hot ox-men blacksmiths who spend all day at the forge, making weapons and gettin' ripped. What's not to like?

And there's practically nothing of Rand from the second game, either! Old school BoF just gets no love.

Rand was a tank/healer Armadillo man, and his special skill was rolling up into what looked like a football and speeding over the world map. Handy!

He was also SUPAH BUFF.

Rei and Garr from Bof3 on the other hand? It is like, non-stop porn overload with them.

Scias, from the fourth entry!

And the ever-popular Cray.


  1. I think a lot of people just haven't played BoF1. I know I haven't.

    Will change that very soon though.

    It's also the fact that everyone wants to fuck/be fucked by Garr. :)

  2. erm where did u find the picture with rei x ryu =P i wanna know~