Least I Could Do

Webcomic Wednesday?

So, Least I Could Do is about this guy who wants to bone as many (hot) chicks as he can.

All the time.

Though mostly Kiera Knightly.

It's all frightfully(?) hetero. But my own reasons for skimming through the archives are obvious.

You see, the main character Rayne . . .





It's like, a running theme!

Along with wackiness.

Sometimes the comic forgets that it's frightfully(?) hetero, and decides to be frightfully(?) homo instead.

Like the time Rayne went out on a gay blind date.

Or his friendship with Noel.

Getting frisked at airports together.

Or that time he actually, um, did sleep with a man.

Well, that's LICD in a nutshell.

We'll leave this off with a random assortment of strips now. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you for going through and pulling out the good stuff so I didn't have wast my time reading through lots of shallow straight B.S.

    I especially liked the chewbacca one.

  2. No mention of his gay doctor? XD

    I have a strong feeling that rayne might actually bebisexual, with strong tenencies towards women. If Noel swung the right way odds are they would ahve hooked up.

  3. I've always maintained that someone needs to enact Rule 34 for "LICD"s Rayne. :o)