RPG Week: Dragon Quest

A blog post draws near! Command?

So, Yangus isn't all this venerable RPG series has to offer. No, there's plenty more! Let's take a whirlwind tour!

Starting with VIII . . .

. . . and then rewinding to V! The hero of of that game looks surprisingly ripped in a lot of art.

And he looks good with a ball gag.

The real MAN of that game though was his dad, Pappas.

I know I've seen a doujin floating around of him getting raped by two big monsters, but I can't seem to find it now . . . oh well!
Then there's Ragnar from DQ4, the knight who can even make pink armor look manly.

I like to ship him with Healie. Because . . . by jove they just go together so well.

(don't believe me? Watch this musical number)

Yep, they really are the perfect partners . . .

But I guess heal-slimes are just kinda whores in general, huh?

Even their fellow monsters fall prey to their tentacular wiles.

When those same monsters aren't getting it on with each other, anyway . . .

I'm not even sure which game this pink-haired guy is from, but I bet one of my readers does. I'm kinda assuming it's VI though since that's the only one I haven't played.

Taloon the merchant~

And we'll end this post with some random generic DQ3 job-class dudes gittin' raped.


  1. There's THOUSANDS of porns of the pink dragon guy. I haven't played any dragon quest, and don't know any of their names :( RPG week has been a good reminder of just how many games I've always wanted to play and never got around to, haha.

    Perhaps I should uproad all those mr. pink dragon guy porns onto the forums.

  2. Pink haired guy is Hassan and he is from Dragon Quest VI, my personal favourite in the series, he is "best friends" and all with the hero after all. :3 And great entry, Ryan and Hoimin do make a great couple, I want to play Dragon Warrior IV again. -__-

  3. if you mean the pink crocodile, he's Crocodyne, from the anime and a manga only.

    Also what are those antro monsters in the pics called?