RPG Week: Viktor

I'm thinking of doing an RPG week. What do you guys think? Not sure if I have enough dudes for a whole week, but we'll see how far we get!

This hunka man is Viktor, from the Suikoden series. I think I've featured him before, but the world can never use too much Viktor. He's everyone's favorite manly mercenary with a heart of gold! He also has a thing for bears.

His profile from the first game. You can tell he's a smart-alecky sunovabitch. That's because he is.

The second game made him hotter. Official art just for all you armpit-fetishists out there! My theory is that Viktor tore his own sleeves off to better show his BUFFNESS.

Like so.

He's one of the best fighters in the games, which is good since you're stuck with him in your party for like 90% of the thing.

Here is his, I think only appearance in Suikogaiden? You know, those visual novel games that I've never played, and neither have you.

He's boozin' up, and then gets into a fight with Flik about something. (probably over who's gonna bottom that night, haha!)

Actually, I feel I should confess something. Despite the majority of the fandom thinking Viktor and Flik are gayer than a bag of dicks, I don't really share that sentiment. Why? They just seem so . . . so straight buddy-ish for both games they're in. But that's never stopped me before, right?! Maybe it's 'cuz I really like Flik's unrequited love for Ophelia so I don't want to break him up with his dead girlfriend, even for some hunky Viktor lovin'. I'm so conflicted. This is like the fucking Twilight Zone here.

Oh well. Here is his penis.

He gets along great with kids.

. . . maybe a little too well. (though if Gremio is watching, that means this player got all 108 Stars of Destiny in the first game! Good job!)

And who can forget those special scenes you can unlock in the bathhouse for bringing certain characters in together?

Yes . . . who indeed.


  1. isefhshgshfg

    this is the best post ever<3

  2. "Oh well. Here is his penis."

    ...not gonna lie, I laughed. (Not at his piece - as usual, Szadek/Juancho drew Viktor quite a lovely dick. But...actually, you know, I just realized it is NEVER good to laugh when a man has his dong out.)

  3. Yes, I support RPG week. However please don't use any FF characters. Their are some of the sexiest men in the RPG universe, but FF characters are seen too often in Yaoi.Bara. Please try using some Spectral Force characters, Magna Carta, and Generation of Chaos.

  4. Don't worry. The FF guys already got their own week a while back.I haven't played any of those other games you mentioned though so they won't be featured.