Kochikame: A Brief Overview

Alright. So lately I've been working my way through the Kochikame anime. Or, to use it's full name, Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen Mae Hashutsujo. Literally it means "This is the police station in front of Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward". I'll refer to the show simply as Kochikame from here on out because the full title is a bit of a mouthful!

For those not in the know, Kochikame is the longest running manga ever. It's been in publication since before I was born and celebrated it's 30th anniversary just a few years back. It's about, as it so happens, a police station in front of Kameari Park in the Katsushika Ward, although it never even approaches being a serious police series. The emphasis is on comedy. Comedy!

This is the main character, Kankichi Ryotsu. He's not too bright! What he is is rash, belligerent, and lazy. But, if you're me, he's also adorable! He's basically a middle-aged cop with the personality of a twelve year old.

Most episodes are about him trying to make a quick buck with various ill-thought-out schemes, capitalizing on various fads of the time. They inevitably backfire and land him back in status-quo-ville by the end though.

There's also a newer live action series, but we're not here to talk about that.

Anyway! Yes, I have been watching the anime. Which has been rather difficult, to be honest! Why, you ask? Because it's practically impossible to find in this part of the world. Like Doraemon and numerous other works which are really popular in Japan, it's pretty much completely ignored by Western fans. Maybe it's too mainstream. Whatever the reason, only a very few episodes have been fansubbed.

But that's not the worst. I couldn't even find the series raw. The series was on youtube, but the videos have since been removed for copyright infringement. ANNOYING. At last I managed to find a site that has them, though dubbed in Spanish. At this point I'll take what I can get. It's a good thing for you guys that I've got nothing better to do with my time than skim through old cartoons looking for nudie scenes!

*cough* Where was I. Oh yeah, Ryo-san.

Is adorable.

He still rides his bike to work!

And he loves hobbies like video games, model kits, and gambling.

Also showing off his hairy forearms.

Hairy legs.

Hairy chest.

Hairy butt.

Well, I guess he's hairy all over.

Always randomly stripping in public.

And all those baths he takes.

But you still have to love a man in uniform.

Then there's all the wacky situations his plans land him in.

Kids love him.

Animals too!

So manly. ♥


  1. must.......... marry...... so........ adorable.............. D8

  2. this show SERIOUSLY interests me now, can you provide a link as to where you got the episodes from? I would REALLY appreciate it

  3. http://www.tusdivx.org/anime-peliculas-series-y-ost-en-dd/23352-kochikame-%5B129-367%5D%5Bdd%5D%5Bmegaupload%5D.html

    This is the site I've been using. Right now they've got 129 episodes available, out of an eventual 367. It seems they upload more every week or so. At the moment I'm up to 53!